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SoftwareDVD-Cloner 2019 v16.10 Build 1444 (x64) Multilingual

DVD-Cloner 2019 v16.10 Build 1444 (x64) Multilingual

DVD-Cloner 2019 v16.10 Build 1444 (x64) Multilingual | File size: 47.8 MB

DVD-Cloner 2018 is a widely-acclaimed professional DVD copy software with perfect output image quality, which can decrypt and copy a DVD to any blank disc with diverse copy modes for playback on many media devices including PS4, Xbox, Blu-ray player, etc. Besides, it can also copy a DVD to an ISO file or DVD folder saved on your HDD. With DVD-Cloner 2018, you can back up a Blu-ray movie to a BD-R/RE or your computer and rip high-capacity DVD/Blu-ray movies to MKV format for easy storage. The new UI design provides you simple operation and visual enjoyment.

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SoftwareAltium Nexus 2.0.10

Altium Nexus 2.0.10

Altium Nexus 2.0.10 | 3.0 Gb

The Altium product team is pleased to announce the availability of Altium NEXUS 2.0.10 (build 142). This latest update to Altium NEXUS continues to deliver new features and enhancements to the software's core technologies, while also addressing many issues raised by customers through the AltiumLive Community's BugCrunch system.

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SoftwareHstEx 4.9.19016.07

HstEx 4.9.19016.07

HstEx 4.9.19016.07 | File size: 24.3 MB

HstEx v4 is an advanced, Windows-based, multi-threaded, forensic data recovery solution which has been designed to recover deleted browser history and cache data from a variety of source forensic evidence files as well as physical and logical devices. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with NetAnalysis, this powerful software can recover deleted data from a variety of Internet browsers. In contrast with NetAnalysis which works at the logical file system level (reading live files), HstEx works at a much lower level, recovering data by searching for artefacts at sector level.

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SoftwareApowerREC (Build 01/22/2018) Multilingual

ApowerREC (Build 01/22/2018) Multilingual
File size: 66 MB

ApowerREC can record anything on your screen including your desktop activities, live streaming videos, web meetings, and so on. You can capture your activity on the full screen or within a specifically set, customized region on your display along with audio, and it has a great ability to keep videos synchronized with audio. Besides, recording webcam or capturing screen together with webcam is also feasible, and you can record a video chat or make a tutorial video with this screen recording software.
Here is What's Included in ApowerREC.

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Softwareform-Z Pro 8.6.4 Build 10237 (x64) Multilingual

form-Z Pro 8.6.4 Build 10237 (x64) Multilingual
File size: 391 MB

form-Z pro is a powerful 3D design application featuring a variety of modeling personalities and tools with an easy to use interface to express and communicate your imagination. It is based on advanced 3D solid and surface modeling methods that maintain accurate representations as you progress from design to visualization, layout, animation and fabrication.

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SoftwareMentor Graphics FloTHERM Suite 12.2 (x64)

Mentor Graphics FloTHERM Suite 12.2 (x64)
File size: 2.4 GB

FloTHERM uses advanced CFD techniques to predict airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in components, boards, and complete systems, including racks and data centers. It's also the industry's best solution for integration with MCAD and EDA software. FloTHERM is the undisputed world leader for electronics thermal analysis, with a 98 percent user recommendation rating. It supports more users, application examples, libraries and published technical papers than any competing product.

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SoftwareFaronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Multilingual

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Multilingual
Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Multilingual | File size: 54.6 MB

Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate computer damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a computer, any changes made to the computer - regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious - are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague computers today. Inevitable configuration drift, accidental system misconfiguration, malicious software activity, and incidental system degradation.

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SoftwareDeskProto 7.0 Revision 8391 Multi-Axis Edition

DeskProto 7.0 Revision 8391 Multi-Axis Edition
DeskProto 7.0 Revision 8391 Multi-Axis Edition | File size: 78.4 MB

DeskProto is a 3D CAM program (CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing). It can import STL files from any 3D CAD program, calculate CNC toolpaths and then write NC program files for any brand of CNC milling machine, 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis.

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SoftwareKMSAuto++ 1.5.2 Multilingual

KMSAuto++ 1.5.2 Multilingual
KMSAuto++ 1.5.2 Multilingual | File size: 14.6 MB

KMSAuto++ - KMS-activator for the operating systems Windows VL editions: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. Also you can activate Office 2010 VL on Windows XP. The switches provide access to the installation GVLK keys and configure the task scheduler.

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Softwareset.a.light 3D STUDIO 2.00.12 (x64)

set.a.light 3D STUDIO 2.00.12 (x64)
set.a.light 3D STUDIO 2.00.12 (x64) | File size: 1.9 GB

set.a.light 3D simulates a virtual photo studio with all the details and equipment you need for creating your preferable light settings. You're finally able to experiment around try your ideas even before the shooting starts and without unnecessarily boring your model. Just do that comfortably at home!

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